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Build AI Deep Learning Models Without Coding

Our fully functional Deep Cognition Platform is free to use and can run on your machine or in the cloud. Install DLS using any of the options below:


Time Saved Developing


Time Saved Training


Time Saved Deploying

Benefits of Automating Rate Confirmations

About Deep Learning Environments

Deep Cognition provides developers with Pre-configured environments, thus saving time on development work. Our GUI development platform makes building models efficient without coding.

Using Your Old Models

You can always switch back to old models if needed. To assist you with model optimization, tabular comparisons of all your model changes are available.

Experiments and Comparisons

All models are saved as experiments and can be compared to previous work.

Available Environments

Chainer, H20, Keras, Mxnet, Tensorflow, Caffe, Chainer, Pytorch

Data Ingestion

Users can easily upload data in several different formats and DLS will handle the data encoding for you. You can also pull data from your local folders to start creating Deep Learning models

Model Building

DLS’s drag and drop interface helps you design deep learning models with ease. Pre trained models as well as built-in assistive features simplify and accelerate the model development process.

Tuning and Training

Tune your hyperparameters using our multi GPU training system where you can deploy multiple GPUs at the same time, cutting down on your training time.

API Deployment

Deploying A Rest API

With the click of a button, now deploy your Al models with Rest APIs. Deep Cognition will create a web application to design the business logic with all sets of object entities and possible operations on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Learning Studio?

Deep Learning Studio is a development platform for AI developers to build, train and deploy their deep learning models. It is available to run as a desktop machine (Windows/Ubuntu) or can be launched in the cloud (Amazon AWS/MS Azure).

Is there a complete offline enterprise version available?

Yes we have an enterprise version that can run completely offline. Please contact us at for more information.

Is Deep Learning Studio 2.5 still available?

Deep Learning Studio 2.x version is no longer supported.