MRI Segmentation Module

MRIs and CTs can show doctors a lot with no invasive procedures. It has revolutionized our approach to effective treatment. Our Deep Learning Studio MRI Segmentation Module takes it one step further by isolating areas of treatments and reproducing them accurately in 3D, giving doctors an even more accurate look inside their patients.

Revolutionizing 3D Imaging

While MRIs and CTs have opened up a myriad of doors for effective and targeted treatment, images can only show so much. With our 3D Segmentation Module, areas of interest can be isolated for more focused study. In addition, 3D segmentation is the first step to creating accurate 3D models for doctors to use. By giving healthcare providers are more detailed look, treatment options may be found quicker and more effectively.

The Process of MRI Segmentation

Once scanning is completed, images are uploaded to Deep Learning Studio. Once upload is completed, a new project can be created with custom values. The AI will then segment each image and isolate the intended area of isolation. The AI can be further trained for customized extraction.

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With CT scans provided by the medical decathlon, Deep Cognition has isolated a spleen using our MRI Segmentation Module within Deep Learning Studio.

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